Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Red Kite image licensed under Creative Commons by Chubby Bat;_ylt=AnOpvtB1oC5bJi0o0Gtwze6s0NUE

FDA finds salmonella strain in jalapeno pepper - Yahoo! News;_ylt=Anmqluy_Ajig2SsHVYqzdx2s0NUE

Researcher says Gulf dead zone bigger than ever - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AgDFccpy4PHwrRstKh08_ZWs0NUE

Hundreds of baby penguins found dead in Brazil - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AiaHCLR9m5eESsjgLvsN7M6s0NUE

Judge restores protection for Rockies wolves - Yahoo! News;_ylt=Ao7DQWR.5Mx13_HOhIwXDvftiBIF

Lonesome George may end bachelor days on Galapagos - Yahoo! News

Geochelone nigra abingdoni - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;_ylt=AtUZQdHQMFgqwQ2fyYL.6HUPLBIF

EU proposes crackdown on seal hunt - Yahoo! News;_ylt=Al_lNGZ7KunoGVpIc6lmhucPLBIF

7 pandas remain at famed breeding center in China - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AtXKsCdJM9tIp025etssVScPLBIF

Fossil Suggests Antarctica Much Warmer in Past

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Fossils date Dry Valleys' origin

Unique Fossil Discovery Shows Antarctic Was Once Much Warmer

Ostracod - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Dolphin call tells calf who's mum

Tursiops truncatus and T. aduncus

BBC NEWS Science/Nature '100 months to save the planet'

BBC NEWS Science/Nature New white whale spotted

Megaptera novaeangliae

Leucism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BBC NEWS UK Northern Ireland Back from the brink, Red Kites return

Milvus milvus

Ultrasonic Frogs Can Tune Their Ears To Different Frequencies

AmphibiaWeb - Odorrana tormota

New Population Of Highly Threatened Greater Bamboo Lemur Found In Madagascar

Animal Info - Greater Bamboo Lemur

Adding Lime To Seawater May Cut Carbon Dioxide Levels Back To Pre-industrial Levels

Calcium oxide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

90 Billion Tons Of Microbial Organisms Live In Deep Marine Subsurface: More Archaea Than Bacteria

Genetics Of White Horses Unraveled: One Mutation Makes Ordinary Horses Turn Grey, Then White, Very Young

Commercial Bees Spreading Disease To Wild Pollinating Bees,8599,1825244,00.html?cnn=yes

When Jellyfish Attack - TIME

Pelagia noctiluca - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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