Wednesday, July 16, 2008

For Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sick bees lose their buzz, study finds - Yahoo! News

Early Mars Was All Wet - Yahoo! News

Chesapeake watermen fear blue crab not coming back - Yahoo! News

Callinectes sapidus

Maryland Blue Crab

E. coli linked to beef now reported in 5 states - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AmYkYiu8amLqzP14IwGPNjUDW7oF

Gulf Dead Zone May Grow Larger Than Ever - Yahoo! News

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Fishing ban brings seas to life

BBC NEWS UK Scotland Highlands and Islands Breeding rate fall for rare bird

Podiceps auritus

BBC NEWS UK Scotland Tayside and Central Ancient tree 'one of UK's best'

Fortingall Yew - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Taxus baccata - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mechanism Behind Mind-body Connection Discovered

Two Extinct Flying Reptiles Compared: One Was A Glider, The Other A Parachutist

The 700-year-old Mexican Mummy With A Tummy Ache

Tigers Disappear From Himalayan Refuge

Horse Racecourse In Ancient Olympia Discovered After 1600 Years

Hippodrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

8 charged over skull-trafficking ring -

Dead Great White Shark Washes Up On Beach - Boston News Story - WCVB Boston

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