Friday, July 11, 2008

For Friday, July 11, 2008

Freaky Fish Was Cockeyed LiveScience

Flatfish Fossils Fill In Evolutionary Missing Link

Popular Fish, Tilapia, Contains Potentially Dangerous Fatty Acid Combination

Omega-6 fatty acid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BBC NEWS Americas Urban farming takes root in Detroit

Urban agriculture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;_ylt=Age3itL5xj1g1U_y0Mp5Vt6s0NUE

Siberian mammoths on display in Taiwan - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AsovcfyE5hA9lLMvaj7YKTGs0NUE

EPA: Smog could get worse with global warming - Yahoo! News;_ylt=Antxt9XGFDd1QLQ2xrazXlYPLBIF

Antarctic Ice Shelf All But Lost - Yahoo! News

Wilkins Sound - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BBC NEWS Science/Nature 'Alarming' plight of coral reefs

BBC NEWS UK Wales South East Wales Worm-eating slug found in garden

Selenochlamys ysbryda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BBC NEWS UK Scotland Highlands and Islands Fall in tiny animals a 'disaster'

Buglife Welcome to Buglife

Big Brains Arose Twice In Higher Primates

New World monkey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Catarrhini - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Disproving Conventional Wisdom On Diversity Of Marine Fossils And Extinction Rates

Video - Breaking News Videos from

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