Monday, July 28, 2008

For Monday, July 28, 2008

Basking shark image licensed under Creative Commons by kernosweb

Food industry bitten by its lobbying success

Rare fossils in India threatened

Shark-spotters wanted in Cornwall

Cetorhinus maximus - FishBase;_ylt=AgKv9On5UsSiuGXiECL18dCs0NUE

4 panda cubs born at Chinese breeding center;_ylt=Av4Of_v3hokLY3oLbA6KVz0PLBIF

The Surprising History of America's Wild Horses;_ylt=AhW96ZW_0oUP.hqXMu5QpZwPLBIF

Unknown insects found in 110-million-year-old amber in Spain

Rare seahorses born at aquarium

Hippocampus hippocampus - FishBase

Francisella Tularensis: Stopping A Biological Weapon

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