Friday, July 18, 2008

For Friday, July 18, 2008;_ylt=At8uTVX0KTvcyEHY9HhD70Cs0NUE

Army to shoot live pigs for medical drill - Yahoo! News;_ylt=ArbtsHDtdVgxxH5xKuuZGYes0NUE

Sexy People Sound Better

BBC NEWS UK Scotland Highlands and Islands 'Survival zones' for butterflies

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Ancient bones could yield TB clue

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Huge squid is cut open

Fragile Antarctic Marine Life Pounded By Icebergs: Biodiversity Suffering

Single Boulder May Prove That Antarctica And North America Were Once Connected

Frogs With Disease-resistance Genes May Escape Extinction

Seven superpowers destined for the masses - Science-

Water fresh from the tarp -;_ylt=AoyaYL7vqiEB58HoQvzREqUPLBIF

Tiny bug threatens California citrus industry - Yahoo! News


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