Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For Wednesday, May 28, 2008

BBC NEWS UK England Cumbria Squirrel hunters set 1,000 traps

BBC NEWS UK Scotland Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West Beavers to return after 400 years

Castor fiber

Giant Flying Reptiles Preferred To Walk

Azhdarchidae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nanotechnology Risks: How Buckyballs Hurt Cells

Fullerene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Melting Glaciers May Release DDT And Contaminate Antarctic Environment


Organic Free Grazing Cows Are Cream Of The Crop

Saltwater Sleuths: Seeking Clues To Help Determine Ages Of Fish And Shellfish Populations

Northeast Fisheries Science Center

Fundamental Building Block In Flowering Plants Evolved Independently, Yet Almost Identically In Ancient Plants

Miracle Leaves That May Help Protect Against Liver Damage

PLANTS Profile for Hippophae rhamnoides (seaberry) USDA PLANTS

Rice In Your Gas Tank: Boosting Biofuel Production From Rice Straw

Female albatrosses shack up - LiveScience-

Phoebastria immutabilis;_ylt=AtDr6RWUXyofzRfUN6U7zmas0NUE

Vietnam reports "UFO" explosion - Yahoo! News;_ylt=Al2K9kyHsiTv7MIVtB01QK8PLBIF

Australian fishermen net 500-pound squid - Yahoo! News

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