Friday, May 23, 2008

For Friday, May 23, 2008

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Methane rise points to wetlands

New Family Of Gecko Discovered

Foot-dragging Mars Rover Finds Yellowstone-like Hot Spring Deposits

Some Like It Hot! Structure Of Receptor For Hot Chili Pepper And Pain Revealed

Reproductive Plasticity Revealed: Neotropical Treefrog Can Choose To Lay Eggs In Water Or On Land

To Block The Carcinogens, Add A Touch Of Rosemary When Grilling Meats

Rosmarinus officinalis

Oregano Oil Works As Well As Synthetic Insecticides To Tackle Common Beetle Pest

Origanum vulgare

Common Foodborne Pathogen In Poultry Finds Resistance To Antibiotic Used By Humans

Campylobacter jejuni - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Relocation Of Endangered Chinese Turtle May Save Species

Rafetus swinhoei - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ocean Acidification: Another Undesired Side Effect Of Fossil Fuel-burning

Ocean acidification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Shaken pandas go to Beijing for the Olympics - Science-

Wolong National Nature Reserve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Step-by-step guide to Mars landing - Mars-

Extreme life found at record seafloor depth - LiveScience-

Endangered tiger becomes proud mama of five! - Science-

Panthera tigris altaica

Male songbirds' sly tricks can get them girls - LiveScience-

IUCN Red List for birds 2008 -;_ylt=AmleeVIpYb5oNmTKyIIzTSUDW7oF

Report says nation's wildlife refuges underfunded - Yahoo! News

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