Thursday, May 15, 2008

For Thursday, May 15, 2008

HIV-positive man sentenced 35 years for spitting at officer - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AtdWbawU7_193qTnkP9KQ3.s0NUE

9-year-old girl's twin is found inside her stomach - Yahoo! News;_ylt=Ar36Dfz4rWLdRHv8FtVxhA2s0NUE

Ants swarm over Houston area, fouling electronics - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AvoU2Ss_0LA8wR5Y0oRpmLSs0NUE

Scientists are building database of bite marks - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AoSZ0wgdN20kvyCX7AC34hEPLBIF

US lists polar bear as threatened species - Yahoo! News

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Charles urges forest logging halt

BBC NEWS Health Single anti-flu drug 'not enough'

BBC NEWS Health Meningitis B trials 'encouraging'

Meningitis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BBC NEWS UK England Tyne Swan family halts city rush-hour

Swan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Whales are 'cheetahs of the deep'

Pilot whale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Short-finned Pilot Whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus)

Wandering Poles Left Scars On Jupiter's Moon Europa: Could Life Exist Beneath Icy Crust?

Europa (moon) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Did animals predict China's earthquake? - Science-

Sea lions died of overheating - Environment-

Sea lion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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