Thursday, May 22, 2008

For Thursday, May 22, 2008;_ylt=Av84R5P4_Ao89.wsWPLg5aqs0NUE

Boars help German cops capture auto theft suspect - Yahoo! News

Sus scrofa;_ylt=Ai._0sMOCHQWUhVrAFrto4qs0NUE

Brazil's building spree in Amazon draws protests - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AmelBhkRRZSfGv4qjhWh6cSs0NUE

Aspen trees starved in global warming experiment - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AmhWhEYRTh6YgGS_W3eU83us0NUE

AP: Foot-and-mouth plan used flawed study - Yahoo! News

Aphtae epizooticae;_ylt=AtkKe9ePiibeDWZlwnGcPEas0NUE

Company offers to clone dogs for 5 highest bidders - Yahoo! News
Pet cloning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Scientists discover "frogamander" fossil - Yahoo! News

Ancient Amphibian: Debate Over Origin Of Frogs And Salamanders Settled With Discovery Of Missing Link

Gerobatrachus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BBC NEWS Business Food imports 'to top $1 trillion'

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Sharks swim closer to extinction

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Japan to probe whale meat 'theft'

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Biggest rodent 'shrinks in size'

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Call to settle ocean care dispute

Convention on Biological Diversity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Convention on Biological Diversity

BBC NEWS Africa Noisy Swazi cockerels face chop

Gallus gallus

Most North Pacific Humpback Whale Populations Rebounding

Megaptera novaeangliae

Kangaroos Threaten One Of Australia's Last Remaining Original Grasslands, And Endangered Animals

Fauna of the Australian Capital Territory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

White-handed Gibbons Now Presumed 'Extinct' In China, Forest Survey Shows

Hylobates lar

Why Do Astronauts Suffer From Space Sickness?

Space adaptation syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Man's toxic suicide sickens dozens - Asia-Pacific -

Chloropicrin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Computer helps jailers understand dogs - Innovation-

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