Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MRSA in the Food Supply and More for Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Drug-resistant bugs in food vex experts


Indian tiger park admits it has no tigers

Panna National Park

Newsweek: Raids, rage at puppy mills across U.S.

Puppy mill

Amphibs mate under a full Moon

Gigantic shark washes ashore in N.Y.

Megachasma pelagios

Crocodile Skull Unearthed At Arlington Archosaur Site In Texas

Therizinosaur Fossil Skeleton Found in Utah;_ylt=AgNghnQ4IKVR59lCmOhwiMIDW7oF

Help call for vanishing honeybees

Public Accounts Committee

New Insect Specie on Balearic Islands

Tyrrhenoleuctra antoninoi

Balearic Islands

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder: New Bait Lures Varroa Mite To Its Doom

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

Varroa destructor

Longest insect migration revealed

Pantala flavescens

Anax guttatus

Hemianax ephippiger

Tholymis tillarga

Diplacodes trivialis

Fire Ant Outcompetes Other Species, Even In Its Native Habitat


Sex Involved In Plant Defense

Climate Change May Spell Demise Of Key Salt Marsh Constituent


Avian Bacterium More Dangerous Than Believed

Bordetella hinzii

First Remote, Underwater Detection Of Harmful Algae, Toxins

Swedish PM sounds climate alarm

Fredrik Reinfeldt

Ontario to offer $10,000 electric car incentive

Tagging technology to track trash

Trash Track (Blog)

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