Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life Evolved in Lakes? and Earliest Tree Dweller? & More for Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Extinction Crisis Looms In Oceania

Colder climate tied to longer animal lives

Naming Evolution's Winners And Losers


Wildfires To Increase As Climate Warms

Earliest Animals Lived In Lake Environment

Doushantuo Formation

Love Songs of Bowhead Whales: Whales Sings With 'More Than One Voice'

Balaena mysticetus

Balaena mysticetus (EOL Link)

Balaena mysticetus (IUCN Red List)

Orangutans swing for their dinner


After Dinosaurs, Mammals Rise But Their Genomes Get Smaller

A fossil records the oldest known creature to live in the trees

First Vertebrate To Live In Trees

Suminia getmanovi

More To Bats' Vision Than Meets The Eye

Bizarre Walking Bat Has Ancient Heritage

Mystacina tuberculata

Mystacina tuberculata (EOL Link)

Mystacina tuberculata (IUCN Red List – Vulnerable)

Fossil Tooth Remains Of Extinct Rodent Species Discovered: Oldest Find Within This Genus In The World

Bird Population Declines In Northern Europe Explained By Thiamine (Vitamin B1) Deficiency

Thiamine Deficiency

How geese squeeze oxygen from thin air

Nearly extinct California frog rediscovered

Rana muscosa

Rana muscosa (EOL Link)

Rana muscosa (IUCN Red List – Endangered)

One in six species of freshwater crab face extinction

Insect defence all blood and guts

Acanthoplus discoidalis (EOL Link)

'Barcode' to help identify plants

DNA Barcoding

'Organic has no health benefits'

Dye 'cuts spinal injury severity'

Brilliant Blue G

'No doubt' sunbeds cause cancer

Tanning Bed

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