Friday, July 24, 2009

Incomplete Entries & Computing Bacteria for Friday, July 24, 2009

* Chrysina image licensed under Creative Commons by Charles Lam

You know we often strive to deliver a 'complete' entry of the daily major postings concerning biology, zoology and other life science topics. Today, we had some unique issues with Blogger freezing up, our (public) Dell Optiplex 755 deleting our data and Microsoft Word (the most current version) and DOS dumping our data...all at the same time. We spoke to the IT people who 'run' the computers and servers here at our IP address, but they reported that it is policy for them to delete all documents when rebooting the servers - even when they have been saved. But, we know that is false based on our previous experience.

Warning!: Based on our experience (above) we strongly suggest moving any and all Word Document work to Google Documents as soon as possible if you are working in the same type of environment.

'Bacterial Computers': Genetically Engineered Bacteria Have Potential To Solve Complicated Mathematical Problems

Halting A Pandemic: NIH Mounts Search For A H1N1 Vaccine

Chinese experts grow live mice from skin cells

Cloud Changes Worsen Global Warming

Swine flu is now in 160 Countries

Copper Can Help In The Battle Against Influenza A H1N1, Says Scientist

New Lizard Specie Discovered in India

Modest Fisheries Reduction Could Protect Vast Coastal Ecosystems

The Secret of the Green Beetle's Shine

Chrysina gloriosa

Mayan Forest Conservation 3000 Years Ago

Bacterial Wall to Stop Sahara's Growth?

'Long-haired' Water Molds Are The Most Virulent


Longer Life For Milk Drinkers, Study Suggests

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