Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sea-level Rise and Rise of the Hippocampus & More for Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sonar Images Reveal Clues To Sea-level Rise

Larter et al. Subglacial bedforms reveal complex basal regime in a zone of paleo-ice stream convergence, Amundsen Sea embayment, West Antarctica. Geology, 2009; 37 (5): 411 DOI: 10.1130/G25505A.1

Better Water Use Could Reduce Future Food Crises

Wildfires scorch parts of California, Arizona

Prince, frog and friends fight for rainforests

The Prince’s Rainforest Project

Two Brown Bear Populations In Spain In Danger of Extinction Have Been Isolated For Past 50 Years

Ursus arctos

Hyena's laugh actually a sign of frustration

Crocuta crocuta

Ecosystem Gone Haywire: Cape Gannet Bird Threatened With Extinction

Morus capensis

Prosecutors: Smuggler hid 13 birds in his pants

'Sobering' Decline Of Caribbean's Big Fish, Fisheries: Overfishing Deemed Most Likely Cause


Seahorses 'stood up' 25 million years ago


Ants In Southern Hemisphere Richer And More Diversified Than Northern Hemisphere Ants


How Social Insects Recognize Dead Nestmates


Sewage Treatment In The East May Be Enough To Reduce Baltic Algal Blooms

How spicy foods can kill cancers


Scientists pinpoint fats danger

Great apes suffer setback in EU animal testing vote

EU and US reach deal in beef row

Livestock traceback participation disappoints -USDA

Car made from veg runs on chocolate

Astronomer To Search Space For Precursors Of Life

Scientists hunt swine flu's mysterious origins

Swine flu is same strain in Canada and Mexico

Does New Swine Flu Virus Kill By Causing A 'Cytokine Storm'?


Flu virus kills Texan, European cases reach Sweden

Flu Pandemic In Prison?

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