Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cetorhinus Winter Home Discovered and More for Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cooper, My Therapy Dog image licensed under Creative Commons by Marvin Kuo

Early cave bacteria hints at Mars life

Gorilla mums keep family in check


Orangutan escapes her enclosure at Adelaide zoo in Australia


Baboons Benefit From Strong Social Networks


Right whales break birth record

Eubalena glacialis

Way To Cut Cattle Methane By 25 Percent


Domestication led to horse color explosion

Equus ferus caballus

World's smallest pigs 'thriving'

Porcula salvania

'Gecko Vision': Key To Future Multifocal Contact Lens?


Ultrasonic Communication Among Frogs

Huia cavitympanum

Scientists Airlift Giant, Endangered Frogs

Leptodactylus fallax

Scientists discover winter home of world's second-biggest fish

Cetorhinus maximus

Could climate change spell the end of the prawn cocktail?


Flight Of The Bumble Bee Is Based More On Brute Force Than Aerodynamic Efficiency


Scientists Surprised By Unexpected Emergence Of Periodical Cicadas -- Four Years Early






Honeybee Pollination Crisis 'A Myth'

Mystery worms turn on northwest China herdsmen

Filling The Gap In The Fossil Record


Cave Painting Depicts Extinct Marsupial Lion;_ylt=Al07U1pNUEN9ukScqT.ETZUPLBIF

Thylacoleo carnifex Thylacoleo carnifex

Animals On Runways Can Cause Serious Problems At Small Airports

Small Brain Of Dwarf 'Hobbit' Explained By Hippo's Island Life

Homo floresiensis

Homo sapiens

Homo skepticis

Madagascan hippo

Toxic deformities case at High Court

Global Warming: Ocean Iron Disappoints

Tree-Killing Hurricanes Could Contribute To Global Warming

Climate Adds Fuel To Asian Wildfire Emissions

Bacteria Play Role In Preventing Spread Of Malaria

Cytori signs stem cell deal with GE Healthcare

Food Intake Alone Explains Rise In Obesity

Pet Therapy Dogs May Carry MRSA And Clostridium Difficile Between Patients

Therapy dog


Clostridium difficile

From Rats To Humans: Around Thirty Europeans Infected With Cowpox Virus By Their Pet Rats

Fancy rat

Cowpox virus

NASA Nanosatellite To Study Antifungal Drug Effectiveness In Space


First Swine Flu DNA Test Produced

UK swine flu genetics unravelled

Possible Canadian connection in Japan's first cases of swine flu

3rd U.S. flu death reported in Wash. state

Costa Rica reports first swine flu death

Key Protein Keeps Chronic Infection In Check

New Food Safety Technology Developed For Eggs

Food Safety

Red Fungus Turned Orange May Help Tackle Vitamin Deficiency

Monascus purpureus

Cigarette Smoke May Rob Children Of Needed Antioxidants

Skin Color Clue To Nicotine Dependence


Meditate Your Way To Better Bladder Health

Cognitive therapy

Job Loss Can Make You Sick, New Study Finds

Treatment For Extreme Nausea, Vomiting During Pregnancy

Carbon Nanotubes: Innovative Technology Or Risk To Health Or Environment?

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