Thursday, May 21, 2009

How the Late Heavy Bombardment Promoted Life in the Hadean and More for Thursday, May 21, 2009

Asteroid May Have Enhanced Early Life On Earth

Study turns back clock on origins of life on Earth

Late Heavy Bombardment


Arsenic In Irrigation Water Is Transferred To Crops

Swine Flu Risk Linked To Arsenic Exposure


H1N1 flu must be global before Phase 6: WHO chief

Computer Simulation Captures Immune Response To Flu

Swine Flu And Other New Infectious Diseases -- What's The Risk?

Orangutans seen eating own babies


Marine Mammals' Brains Exposed To Hazardous Cocktail Of Pesticides Including DDT, PCBs, Brominated Flame Retardants

Rare white elephant seal caught on camera in the sub-Antarctic


Bird Songs Change With The Landscape

Magnets in ant antennae work as internal GPS

Midge Bones In Lake Sediments Reveal Fish History


Snail Venoms Reflect Reduced Competition

Historical Anecdote Of Jordan's Red Soils May Offer New Antibiotic

Protein From Algae Shows Promise For Stopping SARS

Agricultural Aromatherapy: Lavender Oil As Natural Herbicide


Neurons 'Mirror' The Attention Of Others

'Junk' DNA Has Important Role, Researchers Find

Plastic That Grows On Trees

Non-wovens As Scaffolds For Artificial Tissue

Mars may have been both cold and wet


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