Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fishermen Dine on Megachasma and DNA Help for Rhincodon and More for Wednesday, April 8, 2008

Fancy some meat? Chimpanzees exchange hunting booty for sex


Studies Of Hyena Skull Development Put Teeth Into New Female Dominance Theory

Crocuta crocuta

Poison -- It's What's For Dinner: Hunt Narrows For Genes That Let Packrats Eat Creosote



Rare megamouth shark caught, eaten in Philippines

Megachasma pelagios

DNA Tracks Threatened Whale Sharks

Rhincodon typus

Antarctic Marine Biodiversity Data Now Online

Antarctic marine biodiversity link

Cat found alive after 5 weeks under rubble

Felis catus

Fish farms to fight back with EU help

Butterflies hit by damp summers

Tanzania Study Reopens Debate On Targeting Mosquito Larvae To Control Malaria


Control, Treatment Of Bed Bugs Challenging


To Swim Or To Crawl: For The Worm It's A No Brainer

Caenorhabditis elegans

Fragility Of World's Coral Is Revealed Through Study Of Northwestern Hawaiian Islands


Mouse Models Of Leukemia That Predict Response To Chemotherapy Developed


Bad Mix Of Bacterial Remnants And Genetics Leads To Arthritis

‘Junk’ DNA assists evolution

Mysterious mouth reaction linked to pollen

Oral sex throat cancer link

Warning issued over some ground beef sold in Manitoba, Sask., Ontario

More pistachios recalled as salmonella verified

Pistacia vera

Use Of Native Southern African Plants In Veterinary Medicine

Going Bananas For Sustainable Research: Scientists Create Fuel From African Crop Waste


Rapid Shifts In Wildfire Hotspots To Come?

PM heralds 'green economy' Budget

Beach rubbish problem 'piling up'

What's In Your Water? Disinfectants Create Toxic By-products In Drinking Water And Public Swimming Pools

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