Friday, April 17, 2009

Africa Megadroughts and More for Friday, April 17, 2009

West Africa faces 'megadroughts'

Mega-droughts In Africa Expected To Worsen

Our 'Inner Fish' Seen In Conserved Genes

New Nucleotide Could Revolutionize Epigenetics

New Clues To How Stem Cells Form

C. elegans

Uncovering Secrets Of Salmonella's Stealth Attack

Coordinate response better for outbreaks like listeria: report

Breaking The Animal Kingdom's Color Code

Patent for meatier pigs gets European trotters in a mix

Researchers discover vast black coral forest

Antipathella subpinnata

Forgotten nut could save lives and forests

Brosimum alicastrum

Fake 'trees' designed to trap CO2

Newly Discovered Iron-breathing Species Have Lived In Cold Isolation For Millions Of Years

'Two-handed' Marine Microbes Point To New Method For Isolating Harmful Forms Of Chemicals

Protein That Concentrates Carbon Dioxide In Algae Identified

Chemists Uncover Green Catalysts For Industrial Chemical Processes

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