Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Asexual Mycocepurus smithii and the Return of Balaenoptera musculus and More for Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rare blue whales returning to B.C. coast, study suggests

Balaenoptera musculus

Three Neanderthal Sub-groups Confirmed

Homo neanderthalensis

Experts identify compound that may fight bird flu

Compound identified that may fight bird flu

Vaccine Developed For E. Coli Diarrheal Diseases That Kill Millions Of Children

Enterotoxigenic E. Coli

Salmonella vaccine may be result of space trip

New prostate cancer vaccine shows promise

How PCBs May Alter In Utero, Neonatal Brain Development

Stem Cells Jumpstart Bone's Healing Process

Smart Material Technology Adapted To The Repair Of Skeletal Malformations Succeeds

Alzheimer Cell Death In Zebrafish: Demise Of Neurons Observed Live For The First Time

Study: Link Between Diabetes And Dementia

Protest as Japan whaling factory ship returns to port;_ylt=AnkFMv6UiPFCKksNeLGCOA8PLBIF

'First camel clone' born in Dubai

Camelus dromedarius

Australia targets killer crocodiles


African lark soon to be extinct

Heteromirafra sidamoensis

Bumper brood World's rarest parrot is now not quite so rare

Strigops habroptilus

Owls' Dawn And Dusk Concerts Promote Visual Communication

Bubo bubo

Birds: Feather Color Is More Than Skin Deep

Loxia curvirostra

Endangered turtles race to save their future

Dermochelys coriacea

Man bites snake - the only way to survive epic Kenya struggle


Born To Be Caught: Largemouth Bass Vulnerability To Being Caught By Anglers Is A Heritable Trait

Micropterus salmoides

Micropterus salmoides

French fishermen block 3 ports on English Channel in quota protest

Cure For Honey Bee Colony Collapse?

Nosema ceranae

Ants inhabit 'world without sex'

Mycocepurus smithii

Digital Archeology Reveals Dinosaur Details;_ylt=AjtVFO0Y_3vuGhVRFDRX5xIPLBIF

Field Stations Foster Serendipitous Discoveries In Environmental, Biological Sciences

Changing Climate May Lead To Devastating Loss Of Phosphorus From Soil


Global Warming: Heat Could Kill Drought-stressed Trees Fast

Reserves Found To Be 'Effective Tool' For Reducing Fires In Brazilian Rainforests

Arctic Ice Could Be Saved With Emission Cuts

Garden Of Eden Battling Severe Drought

When Oceans Get Warmer, Carbon Dioxide Uptake By Marine Plankton May Be Reduced

Midwestern Ethanol Industrial Processes Use Much Less Water Than That Used In Western Plants

Michigan farmer shocked by five-lamb birth

Where You Live May Affect Your State Of Mind

Junk Food Makes Kids Fatter, But Happier, Study Suggests

Inbreeding Was Major Cause Of Fall Of The Spanish Habsburg Dynasty


Hapsburg Spain

Paleontologist pleads guilty to stealing bones

Attention shoppers: beware of false eco-claims


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