Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whale Shark Rescued and Rising/Acidic Waters and More for Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poached skins matched to tigers

Why monkey mums bow to baby temper tantrums

Calif. whale watchers delight


Walruses are world's most unusual snoozers


Indian police enroll rat recruits

Amazonian Amphibian Diversity Traced To Andes

Tiny whale shark rescued

Rhincodon typus

'Dracula' fish shows baby teeth

New Fish Discovered In Antarctic Ocean

Gosztonyia antarctica

Big-hearted Fish Reveals Genetics Of Cardiovascular Condition

Danio rerio

Coral Reefs Dissolving From CO2 In Air?

Live Evolution In Tiny Predator-Prey Battle

Yellowstone Alga Found To Detoxify Arsenic


Electric Signals In Plants Induced By Wounding

Hemlock Trees Dying Rapidly, Affecting Forest Carbon Cycle


Tree-eating Bugs Seen By Satellite As They Denude Invasive Tamarisk Trees In Southwest U.S.


How Increased UV Exposure Impacts Plants


Discovering The Secret Code Behind Photosynthesis


Corn-for-ethanol's Carbon Footprint Critiqued

Airborne Ecologists Help Balance Delicate African Ecosystem

Cleansing Toxic Waste With Vinegar
Peanut industry: Recall price tag $1 billion

Custom-made meds may pose deadly threat

Recession may worsen spread of exotic diseases

5 deadly exotic diseases

16 Have Hepatitis In Army Needle Blunder

Bacteria-killing Enzyme Cures Mice With Fatal Pneumonia

(Chorismate lyase)

Streptococcus pneumoniae

Bioencapsulation: Creating A Safe Haven For Sensitive Ingredients

Stem Cell Focus Part Of New Harvard Major

Experts use nanotech to deliver anti-cancer genes

Airborne Fungi Linked To Asthma Epidemic In Puerto Rico

Feeling Down And Out Could Break Your Heart, Literally

Compulsive Hoarding Poses Safety And Psychological Risks

Salt Might Be 'Nature's Antidepressant'

Table Salt

Inactivity Of Proteins Behind Longer Shelf Life When Freezing

Genetics Of Fear: Anxiety Disorder Genes?

Headaches Linked To High Temp, Low Pressure

Toxoplasmosis Parasite May Trigger Schizophrenia And Bipolar Disorders

Dead Gene Comes Back To Life In Humans

New Genre Of Sugar-coated 'Quantum Dots' For Drug Delivery

Quantum Dot

Hunters switch to 'green' bullets

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