Friday, March 27, 2009

Gorilla Gets MRI and More for Friday, March 27, 2009

Dogs (not chimps) most like humans

Canis lupus familiaris


Gorilla Gets MRI At Bronx Zoo

Gorilla gorilla gorilla

Bobby Murcer Mobile MRI Unit

Bobby Ray Murcer

How Lizards Can Shed Their Tail When Attacked

Extermination day nears for toxic toads

Bufo marinus

Crabs 'sense and remember pain'


Blind Cavefish Inspire Next-generation Sensors (When we checked this article, we found that the blind cave fish referenced was Astyanax fasciatus – which reports as the “Banded Astyanax” Which does not appear to be a blind fish at all. We did further checking and found listed in FishBase the Australian Blind Cave Fish known as Astyanax jordani. See below. (We did email Science Daily).

Astyanax fasciatus

Astyanax jordani

Millions of fish shoal in seconds


Why Certain Fishes Went Extinct 65 Million Years Ago

A flower on the moon?

New Technique Used To Profile Anthrax Genome


Omega-3 fatty acid

New theory blames cosmic rays for helping CFCs deplete ozone

Feds fund 8 carbon capture projects in Western Canada

Nanoparticles In Cosmetics, Personal Care Products May Have Adverse Environmental Effects

Awareness Of Darwin Not Evolving

Charles Darwin

Evolution’s backers hail Texas vote

Scientists find safer way to make human stem cells

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