Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fish with Human Facesand the Pink Tursiops and More for Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lemurs: Secret Social Life Surprisingly Complex

Propithecus diadema

Oldest known wild jaguar in U.S. euthanized

Panthera onca

Pink dolphin appears in US lake

Tursiops truncatus

Rare Java rhino captured on film

Rhinoceros sondaicus

Fossil of 10 million-year-old bird found in Peru

Life-saving Trend Discovered Among Seagulls

Tropical Lizards Can't Take The Heat

Genetic Study Finds Treasure Trove Of New Lizards

Frog's Immune System Is Key In Fight Against Killer Virus

Reverse 'Bad' Fish Evolution: Let Big Ones Go

Futuristic Seafood: Raising Delicious Cobia And Pompano Fish -- Inland

First Fossil Brain: Shark Relative That Lived 300 Million Years Ago Yields Very Rare Specimen

Fish with human faces spotted in South Korea

Human Face Fish

Controversy Over World’s Oldest Traces Of Life

Highest Microbial Systems Fueled By Volcanoes

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