Thursday, January 08, 2009

For Thursday, January 8, 2009

Raphus cucullatus image licensed under Creative Commons by Jeremy Burgin

Every animal counts - zoos begin their annual stock-take

Gu Gu strikes again! Panda attacks zoo visitor

Ten Extinct Beasts That Could Walk the Earth Again

How big Jurassic flying reptiles got off ground;_ylt=AjbIFGK38SA85VkKzQZMBCes0NUE

'Spookfish' uses mirrors as well as lenses to spot its prey

Dolichopteryx longipes

Hind Wings Help Butterflies Make Swift Turns To Evade Predators, Study Finds


Asian Grasslands May Hold Global Promise To Restore Grasslands In Arid Areas

First flight of algae-fuelled jet

USDA taking applications for Cattail eradication

To Climate-change Worries, Add One More: Extended Mercury Threat

Avian Flu Becoming More Resistant To Antiviral Drugs

Dangerous New Method For Bacterial Toxin Transfer Discovered

New Bartonella Species That Infects Humans Discovered


Wonderful Cheese Is All In The Culture

Testes Stem Cells Change Into Other Tissues

Lab discloses problem with vitamin D testing

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