Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Liberia faces second worm wave

Worm saviours Could this creature be key to human health?

Key food, biofuel crop sorghum's genome deciphered


Billion-year Revision Of Plant Evolution Timeline May Stem From Discovery Of Lignin In Seaweed

New Computational Technique Allows Comparison Of Whole Genomes As Easily As Whole Books

'Fishy' Clue Helps Establish How Proteins Evolve

Discovery may keep millions from going hungry

Chemicals 'may reduce fertility'

Previously Unidentified Bacteria May Cause Preterm Birth

Too many babies: What went wrong?

Stem Cells Used To Reverse Paralysis In Animals

Shaken Self-confidence? Certain Products And Activities Can Fix It

Stress Disrupts Human Thinking, But The Brain Can Bounce Back

'Paperless' Hospitals Are Better For Patients, Study Confirms

Contagious Products: For Good Luck, Stay Close To A Winner

Zoloft, Lexapro best new antidepressants: study

Natural Brain Substance Blocks Weight Gain In Mice, Researchers Discover

Sepsis can strike, kill shockingly fast


Changes needed to medical isotope production, scientist says

Gene therapy cures form of 'bubble boy disease'

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