Friday, January 16, 2009

Don't Touch That Vole! For Friday, January 16, 2009

South Africa busts rhino poaching ring

Elephant count surprises in Malaysia;_ylt=ApkebggYpXQDPLw5EDgRPous0NUE

Texas' Cattle Dying In Devastating Drought

Hungary gorilla recovering after rare surgery;_ylt=AjiAA7OgwZnlrnz_3bk7VPbtiBIF

Polar bear protection to be focus of national round table

Conflicts between humans and elephants harm both parties

China's wild camels increasing

Healing Camels in India's Desert State

N.J. River Dolphins Sparking Debate

Repairing a hut, Antarctic-style: mind the seals;_ylt=AlLjDvCrQfzuh00GdagvqG3tiBIF

Tags reveal birds' ocean odyssey

Puffinus puffinus

Origin Of Jawed Vertebrates: Prehistoric Fish Provides New Piece In Evolution's Jigsaw Puzzle

Fish digestions help keep the oceans healthy

Singing began in fish, perfected by birds

Study of aggressive bees may improve missile technology**http%3A/

Tequila Boom Triggers Social, Environmental Hangover In Mexico


Humans Can Make Their Own Salicylic Acid

Common Soil Mineral Degrades The Nearly Indestructible Prion


Free Antibiotics: Wrong Prescription For Cold And Flu Season

MS increasingly recognized as a childhood disease

Fantastic Voyage: Medical 'Mini-submarine' Invented To Blast Diseased Cells In The Body

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