Thursday, June 26, 2008

For Thursday, June 26, 2008 -- Bits of Ancient Earth Hidden on the Moon;_ylt=ArPc.qydLDBhL6Crz7qddqSs0NUE

No-fishing zones studied for ecosystem protection - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AgEmwyOWfvxEfFZrqZlFjqGs0NUE

Project to dissect cocoa genome, protect crop - Yahoo! News

Cocoa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;_ylt=AuGa0zhLdkND5hxbFAxg0oys0NUE

Authorities hope to shoo dolphins from N.J. rivers - Yahoo! News

Cheeky Study Finds Beauty Secret in Cadavers;_ylt=Av4uNPAoBzL7uscyVu9MxeoPLBIF

Scientists Hunt for Astrobiology at Carl Sagan Center - Yahoo! News

Astrobiology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BBC NEWS Health Cancer gene test 'for all women'

Salutary Pizza Spice: Oregano Helps Against Inflammations

Looming Tropical Disaster Needs Urgent Action, According To New Report

Ancient Mexican Maize Varieties: Sequencing Of Ancient Corn Landraces To Ensure Genetic Diversity And Resources

Smelly camels keep elephants away - Animal weirdness-


Seal hunt plan draws ire in Namibia - World environment-

Spanish lawmakers boost ape rights - Science-

Do you want to be a guinea pig? -

Artificial DNA Made Exclusively of Nonnatural C-Nucleosides with Four Types of Nonnatural Bases

Spooky DNA Why would researchers create DNA-like oligomers from non-natural nucleosides? In their words, perhaps to create “a future extracellular genetic system with information storage and amplifiable abilities”.

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