Monday, June 23, 2008

For Monday, June 23, 2008

Bluetongue photo licensed under Creative Commons by AJC1

Early Earth Marred by Acid Rain - Yahoo! News;_ylt=ApRSPRA2J9WzacIwOZ4y6Vas0NUE

Some searchers still expect to see rare woodpecker - Yahoo! News

Campephilus principalis;_ylt=Amt3z7srf69WMq5zUs1dIais0NUE

Can the Martian arctic support extreme life? - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AgAFvUuYDPEfzxxjxyboxcOs0NUE

Zoos ask, what to do with an aged lemur? - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AndU4RUqktCxMwTfggGQT7ys0NUE

Navy conducts hearing tests on rare whale in Fla. - Yahoo! News


Outdoors in Chicago? Watch out for the blackbirds - Yahoo! News

Agelaius phoeniceus;_ylt=AkXBdCxZnErSvQb2oUPPvjHtiBIF

Whaling commission meet to debate hunting resumption - Yahoo! News

Welcome to the Website of the International Whaling Commission

BBC NEWS Science/Nature 'Neanderthal tools' found at dig

Homo neanderthalensis

BBC NEWS Health Chickens 'unlock allergy secrets'

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Meteorite could hold solar clues

DNA Study Unlocks Mystery To Diverse Traits In Dogs

Canis lupus familiaris

Birds Migrate Earlier, But Some May Be Left Behind As Climate Warms Rapidly

New Findings On Immune System In Amphibians

Engineers Create 3-D Model To Help Biologists Combat Blue Tongue Virus

Bluetongue disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Project Succeeding To Relocate Caspian Terns

Hydroprogne caspia

Phoenix Mars Lander Delivers Soil Sample To Microscope

Phoenix Mars Lander Confirms Frozen Water On Red Planet

Building Giant 'Nanoassemblies' That Sense Their Environment

8 drugs doctors wouldn't take - Health care-

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