Friday, June 20, 2008

For Friday, June 20, 2008;_ylt=AnC9OOG_5ybI3WrAdQ5CxmKs0NUE

Scientists believe Mars lander exposed ice crumbs - Yahoo! News;_ylt=Alt8W0wfQTB_.79CKZuCBS.s0NUE

Alaska Zoo gets 2 new rare Amur tigers from N.Y. - Yahoo! News;_ylt=AuYLKX0TieZW6omDSSVKOvWs0NUE

Python found in toilet - Yahoo! News;_ylt=Asvz9jXEK12JQYA5s9VFZyDtiBIF

Life in outer space? Astronomers hunt aliens - Yahoo! News

Life in space? Japanese astronomers hunt aliens - Space-;_ylt=AnJWZbz1EfLJ8VrcwQw7G.EPLBIF

Japan police arrest Greenpeace members over whale meat - Yahoo! News

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Arctic sea ice melt 'even faster'

National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Key ocean mission goes into orbit

Ocean Surface Topography Mission

BBC NEWS UK England Fisherman's shocking catch

BBC NEWS Europe Rejected tiger adopted by dog

Lou Gehrig's Protein Found Throughout Brain, Suggesting Effects Beyond Motor Neurons

Latrines And Out-houses Trounce Toilets In Global War Against Poor Sanitation

Technique Used In Human Ankle Injuries Modified To Treat Dogs' Knees

Zebra's Stripes, Butterfly's Wings: How Do Biological Patterns Emerge?

Coats Of Cellulose From Bacteria Yield Greener, Stronger Natural Composites

Protecting Muscles Of Astronauts

Acetylcysteine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Frigid future for ocean in Saturn moon -

Enceladus (moon) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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