Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DRTB & MS Reversed and More for Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Drug-resistant TB Could Become Widespread

Multiple Sclerosis Reversed In Mice


First Wi-Fi pacemaker in U.S. gives patient freedom

First Standard Graphical Notation For Biology

Le Novère N, Hucka M, Mi H, Moodie S, Shreiber F, Sorokin A, Demir E, Wegner K, Aladjem M, Wimalaratne S, Bergman FT, Gauges R, Ghazal P, H Kawaji, Li L, Matsuoka Y, Villéger A, Boyd SE, Calzone L, Courtot M, Dogrusoz U, Freeman T, Funahashi A, Ghosh S, Jouraku A, Kim S, Kolpakov F, Luna A, Sahle S, Schmidt E, Watterson S, Goryanin I, Kell DB, Sander C, Sauro H, Snoep JL, Kohn K, Kitano H. The Systems Biology Graphical Notation. Nature Biotechnology, 2009; 27 (8) DOI:

Humans 'Damaging The Oceans' In Profound Ways

Himalayan treasures threatened (Slide show from the BBC News site)

Stowaway mosquitoes threaten Galapagos wildlife

Galápagos Islands

Woodlands Suffer Large-scale Biodiversity Loss

Bipedal Humans Came Down From The Trees

'Taste test' for Neanderthal DNA

Homo neanderthalensis (Wikipedia has added new image of Neanderthal child reconstruction)

When Did Humans Return After Last Ice Age?

Cheddar Gorge

Killer whales visit 'social clubs'

Orcinus orca

Orcinus orca (EOL Link)

Elephant rescued from drainage hole

Texting cows help wildlife study

'Alien-like' scenes of tadpoles feasting are caught on camera

Leptodactylus fallax

Leptodactylus fallax (IUCN Red List link – Critically Endangered)

Cleaner Seine brings wild salmon back to French capital

Salmo salar

Zombie ants controlled by fungus

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis

Ocean Health Plays Vital Role In Coral Reef Recovery

Making a national tree database

Giant 'meat-eating' plant found

Nepenthes philippinensis

Discovering Soybean Plants Resistant To Aphids And A New Aphid

Potato Blight Plight Looks Promising For Food Security

Understanding How Weeds Are Resistant To Herbicides

Meteorite Found On Mars Yields Clues About Planet's Past (…Mars had a significant atmosphere…)


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