Thursday, August 06, 2009

8K Mile Journey of the Limosa & More for Thursday, August 6, 2009

Limosa lapponica image licensed under Creative Commons by Dave Hamster

Scientists In Northern Alaska Spot A Shorebird Tagged 8,000 Miles Away

Limosa lapponica

Limosa lapponica (EOL Link)

DNA computer 'answers questions'

DNA Computer

'Slaughter' fears


Loxodonta africana

Loxodonta cyclotis

Loxodonta Africana (EOL Link)

Loxodonta cyclotis (EOL Link) [IUCN Red List Not Evaluated]

Loxodonta Africana (IUCN Red List – Near Threatened)

Koala that inspired Australia after bush fires dies during operation

Sam the Koala

Gunshot riddle as beaver vanishes

Castor fiber

Castor fiber (EOL Link)

Grey squirrel threat to Highlands

Sciurus carolinensis

Sciurus carolinensis (EOL Link)

Crows Can Use Three Tools In Sequence

Corvus brachyrhynchos

Corvus brachyrhynchos (EOL Link)

Venomous Sea Snakes Play Heads Or Tails

Laticauda colubrina

Laticauda colubrine (EOL Link)

Bringing Fish From Ocean Floor: Carefully Released Rockfish Can Survive Barotrauma



Marine Pest Species Costing Billions In Damage To Fisheries, Coastal Communities And Infrastructure Are Spreading

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