Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Mammoth Skeleton and More for Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eubalaena glacialis

5 crying dolphins stuck in ice for 3 days

North Korea gets yaks and camels from China;_ylt=Al0Xsmbxaz5A7natiO_GFJjtiBIF

New rat species found on Philippines mountain;_ylt=AuJ3UOEu1VrOEobczQzZ9C4PLBIF


Missing dinosaur link found in Argentina;_ylt=AgLTteP224UzLYclWFsF0LUPLBIF

Cannibalism Among Rattlesnakes Helps Females To Recover After Birth

Crotalus polystictus

Fruit Flies Sick From Mating


Tiny Pests Foul Seacage Netting On Fish Farms In Norway

Ectopleura larynx

Lake Michigan Fish Populations Threatened By Decline Of Tiny Creature

Great Lakes Areas of Concern

Rapid Burst Of Flowering Plants Set Stage For Other Species

Plants Take A Hike As Temperatures Rise

Including Native Perennials In Biofuel Crops Could Keep Watersheds Healthy

Coffee Cultivation Good For Diversity In Agrarian Settlements But Not In Forests

20% Of Carbon Emissions Absorbed By Rainforests

EU court attacks GM crop secrecy
Why online networking could be affecting your health

Smoking Kills, Irrespective Of Social Class And Gender

Chain-smoker’s widow awarded $8 million

U.S. chooses flu vaccine for 2009-2010

New Genomic Markers Associated With Risk Of Heart Disease And Early Heart Attack

New gene tests may stop blood thinner deaths


Dry Beans Inhibit Development Of Mammary Cancer

Potential Health Risks Associated With Stressed Foodstuffs Such As Foie Gras

Amyloid fibrils

Mutation That Causes Inflammatory Bowel Disease Identified

New Variants Of Diarrhea-causing Toxins Found In Seafood

Science Suggests Access To Nature Is Essential To Human Health

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