Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Koalas Saved and More for Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wild dogs escape from animal park

Cuon alpinus

Spaniel wins top dog show

Sussex spaniel

2009 Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show

Hot dog! Tiny breeds have warmer bodies

Hummingbird 'Tag' Suggests Fragmentation May Be Part Of Pollination Crisis

Airport uses radar, noise to scare off birds

18-foot python attacks tot; parents charged


Salamander Decline Found In Central America

Shark Attack in Sydney Harbour

Rapid Burst Of Flowering Plants Set Stage For Other Species

High Carbon Dioxide Boosts Plant Respiration

Grass Strips Help Curb Erosion, Herbicide Transport

Five Ways Women Can Avoid Heart Attack

Rhythm Abnormality Of Unknown Origin Strongly Predicts Sudden Death Risk In Heart Disease Patients

Road Traffic Noise In Residential Areas Can Increase Risk Of Heart Attack

Medical society probes octuplets’ conception

Mediterranean Diet Combats Cognitive Impairment

Nanoemulsion Potent Against Superbugs That Kill Cystic Fibrosis Patients, Study Suggests

Prostate cancer urine test hope

Biochemists Discover New Biological Mechanism: Transport Factor Divides Protein Synthesis Between Mother And Daughter Cells

Scientists Deconstruct Cell Division

How Organisms Transcend Sum Of Their Genes

Researchers link obesity to birth defects

Scientists Identify Potential Key To Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

New Technique Developed For Quick Detection Of Salmonella

Study debunks illegitimacy 'myth'

Planet Earth: Avoiding The Hothouse And The Icehouse Of The Future

Unexpected Discovery Could Impact On Future Climate Models

Oil And Gas Production A Major Source Of Dallas-Fort Worth Smog

Galapagos in peril

Galápagos Islands

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