Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Frog Winter? (A Consequence of Global Warming?)

Frog Winter (A Consequence of Global Warming?)?...

It's January, right? And we currently reside in Michigan. Yesterday, here, we saw a frog jump into an outdoor pond on one of our local walks. A living, unhibernating frog jumping in January in Michigan. Is this a consequence of global warming? The previous day we also observed a live gnat scampering around on a news box. We note that these observations aren't quite germane to the content and idea of this forum. But, we thought them very significant, and very strange. Can somebody get this information to Al Gore?

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birdsocietyofephraimutah said...

i observe a flock of birds duck into the local irs office to get warm, but were immediately shoooed out to make room for our mongrel cat who had a new cat house to claim....i'mdead serious, our cat got a covered heated house plugged into the house....yeas globel warning take heed al gore