Monday, December 03, 2007

Did They Really Find One?;_ylt=AgtyzNRYt5CKUDnb.wGY5Yis0NUE

Workers uncovering mummified dinosaur

Mummified dinosaur unearthed in North Dakota
Rare mummified dinosaur uncovered (fossil)

An Answer to Our Prayers...(?)...

Ever since we were third in line to first see Jurassic Park at our local cinema, we've been waiting and yearning for a hope that someday this would happen: Amazing find of dinosaur 'mummy'. We hope and pray that this find is real and genuine and will provide for viable material for a cloned dinosaur. We are waiting for more news on this...
Photo: Kordite

Updated 1/09/2008: Mummified dinosaur heads to Texas

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