Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Anoiapithecus brevirostris Discovery and More for Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Hominid With 'Modern' Facial Features

Salvador Moyà-Solà, David M. Alba, Sergio Almécija, Isaac Casanovas-Vilar, Meike Köhler, Soledad De Esteban-Trivigno, Josep M. Robles, Jordi Galindo, and Josep Fortuny. A unique Middle Miocene European hominoid and the origins of the great ape and human clade. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2009; DOI:

Dolphin and whale climate fears

'Nature's ghosts' filmed for first time

Macroderma gigas

Macroderma gigas (IUCN Red List – Vulnerable)

Macroderma gigas (EOL Link)

Lawsuits filed over wolf hunting in Rockies

Canis lupus

Canis lupus lupus

FDA approves cancer drug for dogs

Canis lupus familiaris

Canis lupus familiaris (EOL Link)

Belch-o-meter: collar measures methane in bovine burps

Pigs offer new stem cell source


Ancient Mammals Changed Diets With Climate

* Penguins Mapped From Space By Their Feces

Aptenodytes forsteri

Aptenodytes forsteri (EOL Link)

Canaries That Hear Poor Songs As Juveniles Nevertheless Sing Rather Normal Songs As Adults

Serinus canaria

Serinus canaria (EOL Link)

Why birds in cities are singing louder than their country cousins

When Evolution Is Not So Slow And Gradual

Poecilia reticulata

Poecilia reticulata (EOL Link)

Legless lizard found on recovery trail,25197,25573013-30417,00.html

Ophidiocephalus taeniatus

Ophidiocephalus taeniatus (IUCN Link – Vulnerable)

Ophidiocephalus taeniatus (EOL Link)

In The Turf War Against Seaweed, Coral Reefs More Resilient Than Expected


'Death Receptors' Designed To Kill Our Cells May Make Them Stronger

Pharmacists may be switching your meds

Plants 'can recognise themselves'

Ethanol Production Could Jeopardize Soil Productivity

Couple to plead guilty in toxic pet food case

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