Thursday, December 04, 2008

For Thursday, December 4, 2008

World's oldest living animal discovered after he is pictured in 1900 photograph

Polar Dinosaurs Endured Cold Dark Winters;_ylt=AuAvO64eKPcEU.oQ5bY0Cf8PLBIF

New Population Of Extremely Rare Snub-Nosed Monkey Discovered

Rhinopithecus avunculus

Nature's top 40: Pine marten enjoys sweet treat

Martes martes

Conservation group sues for walrus protection;_ylt=AtryaF8MluS9rl7QVoCd0wis0NUE


Towards Domestication Of Largest Fish In Amazon

Arapaima gigas

Finding Baby Critically Endangered Goliath Grouper Fish Hiding In Mangroves With Help Of High-tech Sonogram

Epinephelus itajara

How Tiny Cell Proteins Generate Force To 'Walk'

Arctic tundra emits methane even in winter

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Still Increasing

Dry Winter Weather Results In Highest Particulate Pollution Levels From Traffic

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