Wednesday, November 05, 2008

For Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels 'Will Hit Coral Reefs Harder'

Coral Reefs Found Growing In Cold, Deep Ocean

Ice-Age rhinoceros remains found

Coelodonta antiquitatis

Death By Hyperdisease: How DNA Detective Work Explains Extinction Of Christmas Island's Native Rats

Rattus nativitatis

Tuna Range Wide, Dive Deep;_ylt=AuCY4sdeUoOeXMuk95edLBEPLBIF

Bear statue to adorn carer's grave

Thomas Doerflein

Extreme Weather Postpones Flowering Time Of Plants

Year 'Round Bloom

S Asia is 'worst for snake bites'

Could Life Have Started In Lump Of Ice? Very Cold Ice Films In Laboratory Reveal Mysteries Of Universe

Clue Discovered In Spread Of 'Superbugs'

New Device Controls, Measures Dynamics Of Chemicals In Live Tissue

Award for sleeping sickness work

Trypanosoma brucei

'Junk' DNA Proves Functional, Gene Study Finds

Dangers Of Going Green

'Weapons of Mass Production', I mean, 'Mass Destruction!' How The Brain Prevents Verbal Errors

Folic Acid, B Vitamins Do Not Appear To Affect Cancer Risk

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