Sunday, April 20, 2008

Miscellaneous Entries for Sunday, April 20, 2008;_ylt=AoFVVt_r3dDkPSyGUkCZ6Rqs0NUE

Loggerhead turtle nests lag, green and leatherbacks are up;_ylt=An2aMLF_y2q0BNtLJz77AF6s0NUE

Buzzards or vultures by either name seen as ugly and pesty;_ylt=AuVIZ9jnHQ1B8n7FgPPsZ5Ws0NUE

Watching wolves, moose — and heat — on Michigan island - Yahoo! News

Isle Royale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Catching corals' spectacular moment

Coral reef - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Captive tigers 'may save species'

Mighty Microbes: Bacteria Filaments Can Bundle Together And Move Objects 100,000 Times Bacterium's Body Weight

New Vaccine May Give Long-term Defense Against Deadly Bird Flu And Its Variant Forms

Bloodless Worm Sheds Light On Human Blood, Iron Deficiency

Caenorhabditis elegans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Deep-sea Sharks Wired For Sound

Slowly-developing Primates Definitely Not Dim-witted

Primate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Crocodile kills man in wildlife sanctuary - World environment-

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