Friday, June 01, 2007

Lake Monster Videos (New?) - from Turkey and Scotland

Is this the purported Lake Monster of Lake Van (Turkey) ?...

Is it truly an ichthyosaur or plesiousaur, or something else altogether? Click here for video link. You can also locate the video at CNN INteractive. (We think the second reference actually has a better view of the 'monster's "eye"').

Updated 6/02/07:

Our editors have come up with another potential animal for the Lake Van Monster - a squid. (We took a hint from the shape of the head combined with the shape of the apparently lidless "eye"). We did ask ourselves how did a squid (or other mollusc of the same shape and size) find itself in Lake Van???

And...did this man really video recently the Loch Ness Monster?...

Click here for video link.

Also, please visit Adrian Shine's Loch Ness Project Site and The Fortean Times (photo credits to The Fortean Times).

We're not sure if this video's quality is sufficient to demonstrate the presence of a monster or even an animal. We think it is possible - without being experts on the wildlife of Loch Ness or Lake Van - that the thing in question is a turtle (of unknown type?) or lake sturgeon (or possibly some other large fish) or even sightings of both.

And some more wild speculation...perhaps these things are even related to the sea serpent of the previous post.

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