Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bring Back The Dodo!

Updated 1/16/2008: Moa hunting resumes after fresh 'evidence' (

Yes, like S. Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" is it time to bring back extinct animals that might be more viable and feasible to clone?

That's right. Let's clone the Dodo - assuming viable DNA material can be obtained from the world's existing partial specimens.

Also, it seems morally right to bring back the Dodo (and other extinct gems of the bird world, see below) as its passing was probably mostly due to human predation and interference with its habitat.

Can we set up a kind of a Paleornithologic Park to address habitat concerns for the recently revived Dodo and other previously extinct birds?

What bird watcher wouldn't give up his or her (insert body part selection here _______) to view live Dodo birds, once-extinct moas, elephant birds, Great Auks and the like in a special sanctuary set up on the Galapagos, Mauritius, or some other select location with an environment habitable by all of these cloned, once-extinct species.

Even armchair naturalists, such as myself, would be thrilled at the opportunity to view - in the wild, in a naturalistic park setting, somewhere in the world - live Dodo birds and the like!

Bring them back. Bring back the Great Auk, too. Assuming viable DNA material can be obtained and successfully cloned for the Paleornithogic Park.

And moas, and elephantbirds, too. The mind thrills at the possibility.

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